PBX calls logging and analysing
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About the Software

Program Aims and Goals

The ATSlog software provides a handy web-oriented interface for viewing and analysing calls for various types of PBX (Private Branch eXchange) models. The program is GNUWare, distributed under the GPL license, and is completely open-source.
At present the program operates successfully with Panasonic, Samsung, Hybrex, Siemens, LG, and Alcatel PBX models. If your particular type of PBX is not supported yet, we can add this functionality. Please claim for additional functionalities using either Forum or Support links.

It is the author's pleasure to express his deepest gratitude towards the developpers who have contributed to the software support and development. See the For Developpers section.

ATSlog functionalities:

  1. Handy web interface for accessing the statistics:
    • Flexible date interval inquiring.
    • Two-side data processing— from both external lines switched to the PBX and internal phones.
    • Diversification according to the call types— urbain calls, trunk calls (interurbain and international), incoming and outgoing, cell calls.
    • Coloring differentiation for different kinds of calls.
    • Multiuser abonnee interface; only the information on their personal call is displayed.
    • Assotiating internal phone numbers with the names of the abonnees.
    • Assotiating external phone lines with phone numbers.
    • Data export into Excel format.
    • Multilanguage support. Adding new languages is easy.
    • Tunable multipage output.
    • Sorting according to the table slopes headers (direct or reverse order).
    • Print preview.
    • Caching SQL requests, which essentially speeds up processing.
    • Here you can view the screenshots .
    • Test version of the statistics. . Here you can try out the use of the ATSlog software. Click an follow the link from the appropriate screenshot. Login with the username: atslog , password: atslog
  2. Server functions:
    • Translating existing PBX log files into the internal format of the ATSlog program.
    • Rotating text log files with call data within PBX.
    • Critical error messages are parsed to the syslog.
    • MySQL and PostgresSQL support. In the nearest future SQLite support implementation.
    • Working with PBX using serial port or TCP/IP.
  3. Supported PBX (total: 8 vendors, 31 models):
    • Alcatel: 4200E
    • Goldstar: GPS-6A
    • Hybrex: GD-320
    • LG: GDK-100, GDK-162, GHX-46, LDK-100, LDK-300
    • NEC: NEAX2000
    • Panasonic: KX-TA308, KX-TA308RU, KX-TA616, KX-TA616RU, KX-TD1232, KX-TD1232-RU, KX-TD500, KX-TD816RU, KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200, KX-TEM824, KX-TES824
    • Samsung: IDCS-500, NX-820, OFFICESERV-100, OFFICESERV-500, OFFICESERV-7200, SKP-816
    • Siemens: HICOM-150, HIPATH-3750, Hicom 250, Hicom 350H

Model of the software

Nearest future

To-Do list:

Improvement and develoment of the program

The author of the ATSlog software enjoys working under its development, therefore he is ready to help adapting it to novel PBX models and porting to other operating systems. From your part it will be enough just to send us the text log files. You will find here how to contact the author.

For developpers

Dear Colleagues! If you want to share your own artworksbased on the ATSlog software, the author will greatly appreciate the possibility of acquainting with them and providing them for the wide public access.The ATSlog program needs further development and adaptation. If you are ready to participate, look into the < Forum > section.

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